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Air transportation safety letters and concerns

Safety concerns

Safety concerns provide a marker to the industry and the regulator that the Board has identified a safety deficiency for which it does not yet have sufficient information to make a recommendation. As more data and analysis become available, and if the safety deficiency is found to be systemic and not redressed, the safety concern may lead to a recommendation. Safety concerns are usually communicated in final investigation reports.

Safety information letters

The TSB sends safety information letters to regulatory and/or industry stakeholders to advise them of potentially unsafe acts or conditions identified during an investigation that pose low risks and do not require immediate remedial action. The letters aim to promote safety or clarify issues that a stakeholder is already examining, and are sent before the investigation has been completed. Those that do not contain privileged or proprietary information are posted here.

Safety advisory letters

Safety advisory letters are concerned with safety deficiencies that pose low to medium risks, and are used to inform regulatory or industry stakeholders of unsafe conditions. A safety advisory letter suggests remedial action to reduce risks to safety.

Product Date issued Subject No. To Related report
Safety advisory letter 2023-07-19 Kaman K-1200 helicopter servo flap failure A21P0107-D1-A1 Civil Aviation, Transport Canada A21P0107
Safety advisory letter 2023-01-11 Physicians’ requirement to report to Transport Canada A21W0089-D2-A1 Civil Aviation, Transport Canada A21W0089
Safety information letter 2022-03-09 Visual approach slope indicator systems angle not harmonized with glide path angle of approach procedures with vertical guidance A21O0066-D1-L1 Civil Aviation, Transport Canada A21O0066
Safety advisory letter 2021-08-05 Absence of standards, recommended practices and guidelines pertaining to the safety of operations at airports under construction A18Q0140-D1-A1 Civil Aviation, Transport Canada A18Q0140
Safety information letter 2021-04-19 McCauley Propeller Systems blade actuating pin A20C0103-D1-L1 Civil Aviation, Transport Canada A20C0103
Safety information letter 2021-03-22 Aileron control system geometry/rod end bearings A19A0062-D1-L1 Civil Aviation, Transport Canada A19A0062
Safety information letter 2020-07-29 Challenger 605 Series Flap System Inspection Interval and Challenger CL60 Series Cross Fleet Product Improvement A20W0016-D1-L1 Bombardier Aviation A20W0016
Safety advisory letter 2020-11-09 Cessna 120 and 140 aircraft lap belt centre mounting bracket failure A20P0071-D4-A1 Civil Aviation, Transport Canada A20P0071
Safety advisory letter 2020-11-30 Inaccurate airborne status transmitted by transponders and its effect on runway monitoring and conflict alert systems A20O0029-D1-A1 Civil Aviation, Transport Canada A20O0029
Safety information letter 2019-12-16 De Havilland Aircraft of Canada DHC-8-102 – Aircraft Flight Manual / Quick Reference Handbook – Emergency Procedure (WT ON WHEELS) A19C0136-D1-L1 Civil Aviation, Transport Canada A19C0136
Safety advisory letter 2019-06-11 De Havilland Aircraft of Canada DHC-8-400 – Failure of the alternating current power feeder connectors A19W0001-D1-A1 Civil Aviation, Transport Canada A19W0001
Safety advisory letter 2020-03-16 Viking Air Ltd. de Havilland DHC-3 wing strut attachment inspections A19C0138-D1-A1 Civil Aviation, Transport Canada A19C0138
Safety advisory letter 2020-02-13 Failure of the Kannad 406 AF-compact emergency locator transmitter switch locking system A19Q0109-D1-A1 Civil Aviation, Transport Canada A19Q0109
Safety advisory letter 2019-08-13 Federal Aviation Administration Airworthiness Directive 2015-08-04 – Reliability of Main Spar Wing Lift Strut Assembly Inspection – Punch Test Method A19C0026-D1-A1 Civil Aviation, Transport Canada A19C0026
Safety advisory letter 2018-11-15 Quad City Challenger II Advanced Ultralight – Bracket Failure A18O0106-D1-A1 Civil Aviation, Transport Canada A18O0106
Safety advisory letter 2019-02-18 Cessna 206 emergency exit – Blocked double cargo door with flaps extended A18W0129-D1-A1 Transport Canada A18W0129
Safety advisory letters 2018-07-12 Aircraft landing on the closed portion of reduced-width runways at airports where repair and maintenance work is being conducted A18Q0094-D1-A1 Transport Canada, Civil Aviation A18Q0094
Safety advisory letter 2018-06-01 Fairchild SA227-AC Metro III – Aircraft Flight Manual – Emergency Procedures (Low oil pressure indication) A17C0132-D1-A1 Transport Canada, Helicopter Association of Canada, Air Transport Association of Canada, and Northern Air Transport Association A17C0132
Safety advisory letters 2017-12-21 Unsecured cargo and unrestrained passengers in helicopters A17O0264-D1-A1 Transport Canada, Helicopter Association of Canada, Air Transport Association of Canada, and Northern Air Transport Association A17O0264
Safety information letter 2012-04-12 Inadequate Guidance for FDR Maintenance A11H0002-D2-L1 Transport Canada A11H0002
Safety advisory letter 2012-02-08 IFR separation in Class D airspace A11H0002-D2-A1 1 Canadian Air Division Headquarters A11H0002