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Figure 1. Nanny’s actual route and charted route (Source: exactEarth, with modifications by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada)

Image from exactEarth on which the TSB has indicated the Nanny's chartered route as well as its actual route. Also indicated are the Dorsch's anchored position, the Nanny's anchored position and the Nanny's grounded position.

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Figure 2. Bridge layout on the Nanny

Schematic illustration of the bridge layout on the Nanny, showing that the electronic chart system monitors were not positioned in the immediate field of view of the officer at the starboard radar, and that they were not in a centralized position.

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Photo 1. The Nanny

A photograph of the oil and chemical tanker Nanny.

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Photo 2. Twist Point range beacons

A photograph of the Twist Point unlit range beacons, known as day beacons, described under the Chesterfield Narrows heading.

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Photo 3. Hole in No. 2C ballast tank

Photograph of the No. 2C ballast tank, which was holed when the vessel came off the shoal during strong winds.

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Photo 4. Bow thruster propeller blades

Photograph of the damaged bow thruster propeller blades.

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Appendix A. Area of Occurrence

Hydrographic chart of the area of occurrence on which are indicated the anchored positions of the Nanny and the Dorsch, as well as the Nanny's chartered and actual routes and grounded position.

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