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Figure 1. Aircraft trajectories and timeline of air traffic control communications

Google Earth satellite image shows Runways 24D, 24G and 28; the apron area; Taxiways Alpha, Bravo and Echo; the taxiway hold point and runway guard lights; and the ground paths of SKV7516 and PRO104.

Points on each path that correspond to the timeline in the text are indicated.

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Figure 2. NAV CANADA air traffic control manual of operations (ATC MANOPS), paragraph 346.3

Issue taxi authorization, to an aircraft has exited the runway in use, in the following form:

  • (Aircraft identification).
  • (Unit identification if required).
  • TAXI or CONTINUE TAXI, VIA (route) TO (destination or other location), CROSS RUNWAY (number) or HOLD (position or direction relative to a position, runway, taxiway, other) or GIVE WAY TO (description and position of other aircraft or vehicle).
  • (Special instructions or information such as traffic or airport conditions).

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Figure 4. Reflection of solar rays

Google Earth satellite image shows the direction of solar rays and of their reflection from a hotel’s glass facade at 1530.

The locations of PRO104 and SKV7516 at 1532:04 are shown within the area of the reflected rays.

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