Transportation Safety Board awards

2014 Award recipients

Outstanding Achievement Award

This award was given to Jonathan Lee, the Manager of Air Investigations in the Western Region, for his leadership of the 2013 mid-air collision between two aircraft near Warrenton, Virginia. As the accident involved employees of the US aviation regulator and accident investigation body, they took the unprecedented step of asking the TSB to conduct an independent investigation.

As the Investigator-in-Charge, Jon faced many issues of process and jurisdiction. Using solid leadership and management skills, Jon established and maintained a high level of cooperation with everyone involved, and effectively used resources on both sides of the border. This resulted in exemplary international cooperation and reinforced the TSB's position of leadership in air accident investigations worldwide.

Joseph Hincke, Board member, presents the Outstanding Achievement Award to Jonathan Lee (left)

Excellence in Leadership Award

This award was given to Don Ross, the Investigator-in-Charge of the Lac-Mégantic investigation. Don led a multi-disciplinary team of over 20 people and external experts in a very high-profile and complex investigation. Don's composure, calmness and confidence were exemplary for all team members. The result was a comprehensive investigation report that was released within 13 months – unprecedented for an investigation of this scale.

Kirby Jang, Director of Investigations Rail/Pipeline, presents the Excellence in Leadership Award to Don Ross (right)

Impact Award

This award was given to Glenn Budden, a Senior Marine Investigator in the Pacific Region. A former fisherman with 35 years of experience, Glenn has been a tireless advocate for safety in the fishing industry since joining the TSB. He was instrumental in promoting the TSB's safety issues investigation into fishing vessel safety and has participated in numerous related outreach activities to promote a safety culture in the fishing industry.

Jacqueline Roy, Director of Communications, presents the Impact Award to Glenn Budden (right)

Client Service Award

This award was given to Emmanuel Salmon, Senior Access to Information and Privacy Analyst, for providing excellent service to TSB employees and external clients during a period of increased workload and other difficult circumstances.

Jean Laporte, Chief Operating Officer, presents the Client Service Award to Emmanuel Salmon (right)

Excellence in Investigations Award

This award was given to two investigation teams:

The team that investigated the VIA Rail derailment in Burlington, Ontario (R12T0038) received this award for completing a large, complex investigation in just over 15 months. The findings and recommendations from this investigation have had, and will continue to have an significant impact on railway safety.

Rob Johnston gives an acceptance speech for the Excellence in Investigations Award for the Burlington team

The Resolute Bay (A12H0002) investigation team received this award for conducting a thorough investigation into a major air accident under the unique and challenging circumstances presented by working in an isolated Northern Canadian environment.

Chair Wendy Tadros presents the Excellence in Investigations Award to Brian MacDonald (left) for the Resolute Bay team