Annual Report to Parliament 2007-2008

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Transportation Safety Board Annual Report to Parliament 2007-2008


Appendix A - Reports Released by the TSB in 2007-2008 by Sector
Appendix B - Glossary

Appendix A - 

Reports Released by the TSB in 2007-2008 by Sector

Marine Reports Released in 2007-2008

2004.02.26 Queen Charlotte Sound, B.C. Hope Bay Small fishing Capsizing and loss of life M04W0034
2004.07.10 St. Clair River, Michigan, United States Evans McKeil
Ocean Hauler
Striking of private docks and a pleasure craft M04F0016
2004.07.24 Sainte-Anne-de-Sorel, Que. Horizon Container Grounding M04L0092
2004.07.27 Alexandria Bay, New York, United States KTC 115
Tank barge
Grounding M04F0017
2004.08.14 Adolphus Reach, Lake Ontario, Ont. Sheddey-O

Elmer H
Pleasure craft
Grounding M04C0043
2004.08.15 St. Lawrence Seaway, Ont. Federal Maas Bulk carrier Striking of St. Lawrence Seaway Bridge 12 M04C0037
2004.09.11 Lower Detroit River, Ont. Karen Andrie
Striking M04C0044
2004.10.29 Tahsish Inlet, Kyuquot Sound, B.C. Prospect Point Fishing Capsizing M04W0225
2004.11.06 Strait of Georgia, B.C. Manson

M.B.D. 32
Crane barge
Deck barge
Sinking and loss of life M04W0235
2004.12.10 Payette Island, Southeast Georgian Bay, Ont. 59E22354 Workboat Capsizing M04C0090
2005.05.14 Elaho River, Squamish, B.C. No name Inflatable river raft Capsizing M05W0080
2005.06.03 Swanson Channel, B.C. Sandra Carol
Ocean Warrior
Barge 216

Collision M05W0087
2005.06.08 Kelowna, B.C. Quintana Roo Pleasure Capsizing and loss of life M05W0090
2005.06.30 Horseshoe Bay, B.C. Queen of Oak Bay Roll-on/roll-off ferry Loss of propulsion, subsequent striking of berthed pleasure craft and grounding M05W0111
2005.07.26 West of Cape Flaterry, Washington, United States Ocean Tor Fishing Capsizing and sinking with loss of life M05W0141
2005.09.12 Bonavista, N.L., 70 nm E Melina & Keith II Small fishing Capsizing and loss of life M05N0072
2005.09.12 Off Île d'Orléans, Que. Maria Desgagnés
El Tio

Collision M05L0192
2006.01.04 Gaspé, Que. Skalva General cargo Fire M06L0004
2006.03.22 Gil Island, Wright Sound, B.C. Queen of the North Passenger and vehicle ferry Striking and subsequent sinking M06W0052

Pipeline Report Released in 2007-2008

2005.07.15 Near Abbotsford, B.C. Terasen Pipelines (Trans Mountain) Inc. Crude oil pipeline rupture P05H0044
2006.11.23 Near Cromer, Man. Enbridge Pipelines (Westspur) Inc. In-line tool occurrence P06H0061

Rail Reports Released in 2007-2008

2004.08.17 Saint-Henri-de-Lévis, Que. Canadian National Main-track derailment R04Q0040
2005.01.31 MacKay, Alta. VIA Rail Canada Inc. Crossing accident R05E0008
2005.02.09 Edmonton, Alta. Canadian Pacific Railway Rolling stock damage R05C0049
2005.05.27 Near Bowden, Alta. Canadian Pacific Railway Main-track derailment R05C0082
2005.07.13 Sarcee Yard, Calgary, Alta. Canadian National Derailment and collision R05C0116
2005.07.31 Val-d'Or, Que. Canadian National Main-track derailment R05Q0033
2005.08.03 Wabamun, Alta. Canadian National Derailment R05E0059
2005.08.05 Garibaldi, B.C. Canadian National Derailment R05V0141
2005.08.22 Monet, Que. VIA Rail Canada Inc. Crossing collision R05Q0040
2006.05.22 Near Swift Current, Sask. Canadian Pacific Railway Derailment R06W0079
2006.06.04 Charette, Que. Canadian National Main-track derailment R06Q0054
2006.06.06 New Hamburg, Ont. Goderich-Exeter Railway Company and VIA Rail Canada Inc. Risk of collision R06H0013
2006.07.14 Mimico, Ont. Canadian National Main-track derailment R06T0153
2007.03.29 Huntingdon, Que. Canadian National Main-track derailment R07D0030

Air Reports Released in 2007-2008

2005.02.06 Kamarang, Guyana Eurocopter AS 350 B2 (helicopter) Hydraulic flight control malfunction A05F0025
2005.03.06 Miami, Florida, United States, 90 nm S Airbus A310-308 Loss of rudder in flight A05F0047
2005.06.09 Hamilton, Ont. Cessna TU206G Aircraft control difficulty A05O0120
2005.07.16 Solitude Lake, Que. Bell 205 A-1 (helicopter) Collision with water A05Q0119
2005.08.02 Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International Airport, Ont. Airbus A340-313 Runway overrun and fire A05H0002
2005.08.09 Hall Beach, Nunavut, 135 nm NW Boeing 747-400
Airbus A340-500
Loss of separation A05C0153
2005.09.17 Duncan, B.C. Enstrom 280C (helicopter) Engine power loss leading to loss of control A05P0227
2005.09.28 Tumbler Ridge, B.C., 21 nm SE Bell 205 A-1 (helicopter) Power loss - mechanical malfunction A05W0205
2005.10.30 Calgary International Airport, Alta. Boeing 737-900 Engine torching A05W0222
2005.11.05 Saint-Honoré-de-Beauce, Que. Cessna 172M Tree impact without loss of control A05Q0208
2005.12.20 Terrace, B.C. Mitsubishi MU-2B-36 Engine failure - descent into terrain A05P0298
2005.12.25 Halifax International Airport, N.S. Boeing 737-700 Wing contact with runway during landing A05A0161
2006.01.05 Norman Wells, N.W.T. Douglas C-54G-DC (DC-4) In-flight engine fire A06W0002
2006.01.21 Port Alberni, B.C., 11 nm SSE Cessna 208B (Caravan) Engine power loss - forced landing A06P0010
2006.01.30 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States Airbus A319-114 Misaligned take-off A06F0014
2006.03.21 Zama Lake, Alta, 25 nm NW McDonnell Douglas MD600N Airframe failure and collision with terrain A06W0041
2006.05.01 Toronto, Ont. Airbus A300 B4-203 In-flight separation of flap tab A06O0104
2006.05.14 La Ronge, Sask. Convair 580A air tanker Loss of control on go-around (rejected landing) A06C0062
2006.05.18 Pemberton, B.C., 8 nm NE Cessna T207A Collision with terrain A06P0087
2006.05.31 Prince George Airport, B.C. Cessna 185B Loss of control A06P0095
2006.06.07 La Tuque, Que., 26 nm NE Bell 206L-3 (helicopter) Engine failure A06Q0091
2006.06.16 Ottawa/Carp Airport, Ont. Bede BD5-J Loss of control and collision with terrain A06O0141
2006.06.21 Smooth Rock Falls, Ont. Bell B206L (helicopter) Engine failure - collision with terrain A06O0150
2006.07.03 Nose Mountain Tower, Alta. Bell 206B (helicopter) Loss of control and collision with terrain A06W0104
2006.07.04 Wabasca, Alta. Bell 206B (helicopter) Dynamic rollover A06W0106
2006.07.08 Pasteur Lake, Que. Cessna U206F (floatplane) Loss of control and collision with terrain A06Q0114
2006.07.11 Edson, Alta. Piper PA-34-200T (Seneca II) Loss of control - collision with ground A06W0111
2006.07.16 Wilcox Lake, Richmond Hill, Ont. Cessna 172M Collision with water A06O0180
2006.08.07 Mount Downton, B.C. Cessna A185F Collision with terrain A06P0157
2006.08.13 Davy Lake, Sask., 20 nm E McDonnell Douglas Hughes 369E (helicopter) Collision with water A06C0131
2006.08.16 Fort Good Hope, N.W.T., 23 nm E Cessna 337C Skymaster Loss of control and collision with terrain A06W0139
2006.09.04 Melancthon, Ont. Pitts S1S (amateur-built) Collision with terrain A06O0231
2006.09.10 Montréal, Que. Cessna 172M Engine failure A06Q0157
2006.09.17 Plaster Rock, N.B., 8 nm E VariViggen (amateur-built/experimental) Collision with terrain A06A0092
2006.09.19 Alice Arm, B.C. Bell 206B (helicopter) Loss of control - transmission pylon support spindle fracture A06P0190
2006.09.24 Stony Rapids, Sask., 22 nm SW Bell 204B (helicopter) Loss of control - in-flight breakup A06C0154
2006.10.18 Montréal/St-Hubert Airport, Que. Beechcraft King Air 100 Loss of electrical power A06Q0180
2006.10.19 Caron Lake, Que. Cessna U206F (floatplane) Flight in weather conditions unfavourable for visual flight and collision with terrain A06Q0181
2006.11.06 Goose Bay, N.L. de Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter Collision with obstacle during take-off A06A0114
2006.11.08 Norway House, Man. Swearingen Aircraft Corporation SA226-TC Departure from runway surface A06C0181
2006.11.21 Fort St. John, B.C. Bombardier CL-600-2B19 Low fuel emergency A06Q0188
2006.11.26 Montréal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, Que. Learjet 35A Runway overrun A06Q0190
2006.12.13 Regina, Sask. Boeing 727-227 Cargo door opening on take-off A06C0204
2007.01.03 Yellowknife, N.W.T. Cessna A185F Loss of control - marginal weather A07W0003
2007.01.09 Fort St. John, B.C. British Aerospace Jetstream 3112 Landing short of runway A07W0005
2007.05.17 Miller Lake, Ont. Cessna 180 Loss of control - collision with terrain A07C0082
2007.06.02 Mayo, Y.T. de Havilland DHC-3T Load shift/loss of control on take-off A07W0099

Appendix B - Glossary

Accident   in general, a transportation occurrence that involves serious personal injury or death, or significant damage to property, in particular to the extent that safe operations are affected (for a more precise definition, see the Transportation Safety Board Regulations)

Incident   in general, a transportation occurrence whose consequences are less serious than those of an accident, or that could potentially have resulted in an accident (for a more precise definition, see the Transportation Safety Board Regulations)

Occurrence   a transportation accident or incident

Recommendation   a formal way to draw attention to systemic safety issues, normally warranting ministerial attention

Safety Advisory   a less formal means for communicating lesser safety deficiencies to officials within and outside the government

Safety Information Letter   a letter that communicates safety-related information, often concerning local safety hazards, to government and corporate officials

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1.   While the Board's operations are for the 2007-2008 fiscal year, occurrence statistics are for the 2007 calendar year unless otherwise indicated. Please note that, in a live database, the occurrence data are constantly being updated. Consequently, the statistics can change slightly over time. Comparisons are generally to the last 5 or 10 years. For definitions of terms such as accident, incident and occurrence, see Appendix B.

2.   Investigations are considered complete after the final report has been issued. See Appendix A for a list of reports released by the TSB in 2007-2008 by sector.

3.   For definitions of terms such as recommendation, safety advisory and safety information letter, see Appendix B.

4.   Pipeline accident rates after 2003 reflect the impact of clarifications to the pipeline industry of the TSB's accident and incident reporting requirements, and of internal adjustments to the data in TSB's Pipeline Occurrence Database.

5.   Because accident statistics (derailments since 2001) have been adjusted in light of clarifications to industry of TSB's reporting requirements, historical rail accident rates after 2001 have been updated accordingly.