Annual Report to Parliament 2006-2007

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Transportation Safety Board Annual Report to Parliament 2006-2007


Appendix A - Reports Released by the TSB in 2006 2007 by Sector

Appendix B - Glossary

Appendix A -  Reports Released by the TSB in 2006 2007 by Sector

Marine Reports Released in 2006-2007
2003.12.06 Off Saint-Jean, le d'Orlans, Que. Yong Kang Bulk carrier Grounding M03L0148
2003.12.20 Fraser River near Mission, B.C. Mistral
Packmore 4000
Tiger Shaman
Pleasure craft
Collision M03W0265
2004.01.11 Horseshoe Bay Terminal, B.C. Queen of Surrey   

Charles H.
Cates V
Roll-on/roll-off vehicle/passenger ferry
Assist tug
Collision M04W0006
2004.01.23 Sand Cove, N.B. Lo-Da-Kash Small fishing Sinking and loss of life M04M0002
2004.06.17 Off Natashquan, Que. Persistence I Fishing Flooding M04L0065
2004.09.19 Cape Bonavista , N.L., 5 nm E Ryan's Commander Small fishing Capsizing and loss of life M04N0086
2005.06.03 South Shore Canal, St. Lawrence Seaway, Que. Federal Sakura Bulk carrier Striking M05C0019
2005.06.29 Off Savary Island, Northern Georgia Strait, B.C. Morning Sunrise Fishing Sinking M05W0110
Pipeline Report Released in 2006-2007
2005.10.18 Near Empress, Alta. Foothills Pipe Lines Ltd. Programmable logic controller failure P05H0061
Rail Reports Released in 2006-2007
2004.01.14 Whitby , Ont. Canadian Pacific Railway Main-track derailment R04T0008
2004.07.08 Bend , B.C. Canadian National Uncontrolled movement of railway rolling stock R04V0100
2004.07.25 Burton , Ont. Canadian National Derailment R04T0161
2004.10.06 Castleford, Ont. Canadian Pacific Railway Crossing collision R04H0014
2004.10.24 Near Blackie, Alta. Canadian Pacific Railway Crossing accident R04C0110
2005.01.12 Winnipeg , Man. Canadian National Derailment R05W0014
2005.02.17 Brockville , Ont. Canadian National Pedestrian fatality R05T0030
2005.02.23 Saint-Cyrille, Que. Canadian National Main-track derailment R05Q0010
2005.05.02 Maxville, Ont. Ottawa Central Railway Runaway and main-track train collision R05H0011
2005.07.04 Prescott, Ont. Canadian National Main-track derailment R05H0013
2006.05.15 Lac Bouchette, Que. Canadian National Main-track train derailment R06Q0046
Various Various Canadian Pacific Railway Safety Issues Investigation, Analysis of secondary main-line derailments and the relationship to bulk tonnage traffic SII R05-01
Air Reports Released in 2006-2007
2004.01.17 Pelee Island , Ont. Cessna 208B Caravan Loss of control A04H0001
2004.06.11 Bob Quinn Airstrip, B.C. MD Helicopters (Hughes) 369D Engine power loss A04P0206
2004.06.13 Qubec/Jean Lesage International Airport, Que. Airbus A320 and Cessna 172 Risk of collision A04Q0089
2004.08.19 Saint John Airport , N.B. Piper PA-31-350 (Navajo) Collision with terrain A04A0099
2004.08.31 Greater Moncton International Airport, N.B. Boeing 727 Runway excursion A04A0110
2004.10.14 Halifax International Airport , N.S. Boeing 747-244SF Reduced power at take-off and collision with terrain A04H0004
2004.10.29 Vancouver International Airport, B.C. Britten Norman BN2P Islander and de Havilland DHC-8 Risk of collision A04P0397
2004.12.01 Saint-Georges, Que. Beech B300 (Super King Air) Runway excursion on landing A04Q0188
2004.12.19 Gasp Airport , Que. Piper PA-31-350 Landing beside the runway A04Q0196
2005.01.24 La Grande-4, Que., 60 nm SE Eurocopter AS 350 BA (helicopter) Collision with terrain A05Q0008
2005.02.21 Bromont Airport , Que. Hawker Siddeley HS 125-600A Landing beside the runway A05Q0024
2005.06.02 Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International Airport, Ont. Raytheon/Hawker 800XP Misrigged elevator trim tabs A05O0112
2005.06.07 Tofino, B.C., 5 nm W Bombardier DHC-8-402 Loss of oil pressure on two engines A05P0132
2005.06.10 Lethbridge , Alta., 41 nm SE Bombardier CRJ705 Inadvertent stick shaker at high altitude A05W0109
2005.06.10 Richards Landing, Ont. Bell 212 (helicopter) Main rotor blade failure A05O0115
2005.06.15 Abbotsford, B.C., 15 nm N Bombardier DHC-8-402 In-flight engine shutdown A05P0137
2005.06.18 Thompson , Man. Stinson 108-1 Hard landing and aircraft overturned A05C0109
2005.06.19 Abbotsford International Airport , B.C., 2 nm S Two Piper PA-44-180 Seminole Air proximity - safety not assured A05P0143
2005.06.25 Oshawa Airport , Ont. SeaRey (amphibious) Power loss and collision with terrain A05O0125
2005.07.10 Sudbury , Ont. Bell 204B (helicopter) Difficulty to control A05O0142
2005.07.18 Constance Lake , Ont. Cessna A185F (seaplane) Collision with water A05O0147
2005.07.18 Orillia , Ont., 5 nm E Cessna 185F (seaplane) Engine power loss A05O0146
2005.08.02 Terrace, B.C., 35 nm NW MD Helicopters MD500D Loss of control A05P0184
2005.08.22 Mount Burns , Alta. Cessna 180H Controlled flight into terrain A05W0176
2005.09.01 Schefferville, Que., 20 nm NW de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver (seaplane) Flight into adverse weather and collision with terrain A05Q0157
2005.09.29 Lac Ouimet, Que. Cessna 185 (seaplane) Capsizing at take-off A05Q0178
2005.09.30 Kashechewan, Ont. Piper PA-31 (Navajo) Controlled flight into terrain A05O0225
2005.10.06 Winnipeg , Man. Cessna 208B Caravan Loss of control and collision with terrain A05C0187
2005.11.03 South Bentick Arm, B.C. Boeing Vertol BV-107-II (helicopter) In-flight break-up A05P0269
2005.11.15 Hamilton Airport , Ont. Gulfstream 100 Runway overrun A05O0257
2005.11.20 Brantford , Ont. Ryan Aeronautical Navion B Loss of control and collision with terrain A05O0258
2005.12.07 Marystown, N.L., 2.5 nm E Messershmitt-Bolkow-Blohm (MBB) BO105 (helicopter) Collision with water A05A0155
2005.12.19 Edmonton , Alta., 70 nm N Boeing 737-700 and Bombardier CL-600-2B19 Loss of separation A05W0248
2005.12.26 Winnipeg International Airport , Man. Airbus A319-112 Runway excursion A05C0222
2006.03.08 Powell River , B.C. Piper PA-31-350 (Chieftain) Runway overrun and collision with terrain A06P0036
Various Various Various Safety Issues Investigation, Post-impact fires resulting from small-aircraft accidents SII A05-01

Appendix B - Glossary

Accident   in general, a transportation occurrence that involves serious personal injury or death, or significant damage to property, in particular to the extent that safe operations are affected (for a more precise definition, see the Transportation Safety Board Regulations)
Incident   in general, a transportation occurrence whose consequences are less serious than those of an accident, or that could potentially have resulted in an accident (for a more precise definition, see the Transportation Safety Board Regulations)
Occurrence   a transportation accident or incident
Recommendation   a formal way to draw attention to systemic safety issues, normally warranting ministerial attention
Safety Advisory   a less formal means for communicating lesser safety deficiencies to officials within and outside the government
Safety Information Letter   a letter that communicates safety-related information, often concerning local safety hazards, to government and corporate officials

1.   While the Board's operations are for the 2006-2007 fiscal year, occurrence statistics are for the 2006 calendar year. Please note that, in a live database, the occurrence data are constantly being updated. Consequently, the statistics can change slightly over time. Comparisons are generally to the last 5 or 10 years. For definitions of terms such as accident, incident and occurrence, see Appendix B.

2.   Investigations are considered complete after the final report has been issued. See Appendix A for a list of reports released by the TSB in 2006-2007 by sector.

3.   For definitions of terms such as recommendation, safety advisory and safety information letter, see Appendix B.