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Transportation Safety Board of Canada launches investigation into fatal mid-air collision near Pemberton, British Columbia

Richmond, British Columbia, June 30, 2013 - The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) has launched an investigation into the fatal mid-air collision of a Cessna 150 and a glider near Pemberton, British Columbia. The Cessna 150 was flying from 108 Mile House to Nanaimo with a planned stop in Lillooet for fuel. The Glider was based in Pemberton.

TSB Investigators were on site yesterday and continue their work today. They have retrieved the GPS from the Glider, interviewed witnesses, and gathered most of the glider wreckage for examination. They will examine the Cessna today.

The investigation is in the field phase where they gather information, take photos/examine the wreckage and conduct interviews. The team will work to find out what happened, how it happened, determine the causes and contributing factors, and identify residual risk. If it identifies any immediate safety issues, it won't wait until the conclusion of the investigation to communicate with the regulator and industry.

The TSB is an independent agency that investigates marine, pipeline, railway and aviation transportation occurrences. Its sole aim is the advancement of transportation safety. It is not the function of the Board to assign fault or determine civil or criminal liability.

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