TSB Quarterly Review — First quarter 2014-15

ISSN 2369-7954

July 2014

Chair's message

As summer sets in, Canadians look forward to some vacation time.

It has been a busy quarter. Over the past 3 months, we released 10 investigations reports, and have deployed to 20 new transportation accidents across the country. We have also released 3 blogs and assessments to our recommendations on the ongoing Lac-Mégantic investigation. On 1 July 2014, Part I of the new TSB regulations comes into effect, strengthening the rules governing accident reporting in Canada.

I encourage you to read this Quarterly Review and share in the TSB's recent accomplishments.

Wendy A. Tadros

Completed investigations


Blog posts: The TSB Recorder

Image from Railway Investigation Report R13W0124 - A passenger car straddles an embankment after the train encountered a roadbed slump that subsequently collapsed. Read report

Investigations started

  • Faust, AB (Rail)
  • Kelsey Bay, BC (Marine)
  • Ottawa, ON (Air)
  • Queen Charlotte Sound, BC (Marine)
  • Mirabel, QC (Air)
  • Fort Frances, ON (Rail)
  • Taylor Lake, ON (Air)
  • Grondines, QC (Marine)

The list was complete at the time of publication.